Classpass arrives in London!

Can we talk about the awesomeness that is ClassPass?!

I squealed a little when this popped into my inbox this week!

Since moving to London in July, I have tried many a fitness studio, gym and class, ranging from ballet barre to bootcamp. Not one has enticed me enough to sign up to their membership and I have spent the last 8 months hopping from one fitness craze to another. In all honesty, it’s partly the expense of these that puts me off, but I also love to try out new ways to exercise and meet new people who love to do the same.

Enter ClassPass.

With a glowing reputation across in America, ClassPass has now launched in the UK and for the first time, Londoners can enjoy access to multiple studios and a whole range of different classes, all for one monthly fee. That makes me very happy!

I can still go to my crazy Insanity class with Tanya every Wednesday evening and enjoy some butt burning with the lovely Paola at her BodyBarre, but I can also try a new spin studio, a hot yoga class, the dreaded CrossFit, boxing, reformer Pilates, poolbiking, heck even aerial circus, whatever that entails! The list goes on, with over 175 studios already signed up (and here’s hoping many more, come on Pscyle, you know you wanna!) each offering classes, you’re spoilt for choice.

On Tuesday, I signed up for one month of membership and so far I’ve been to 4 different classes! (its only Friday!) I tried TRX with Claire from Transition Zone, Insanity with Tanya of course, TRX/Barre with Paola from Paola’s BodyBarre and a one hour sweat-fest at Project Fit. Next week I’m looking forward to more of the same, maybe adding in a few slower paced yoga classes to balance things out.

My first week of ClassPass, workouts complete!

That’s the beauty of ClassPass – variety, and with it new challenges.

I’ll be posting weekly updates and letting you know about all the new studios I’ve found so stay tuned, I think it’s going to be a great month!


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