Building Confidence and Setting Goals: The Ignition

When I signed up to ClassPass at the start of this month I knew I would be trying out different forms of exercise in new studios. What I didn’t imagine was sitting in a circle full of strangers on a Saturday afternoon discussing how confident I felt and setting personal development goals. 

That’s the beauty of ClassPass. It has opened up my eyes to new forms of fitness and wellbeing. I had signed up to a yoga flow class at Evolve Yoga Studios in South Kensington one evening after work and after enjoying it so much, I had a look at what other types of classes they had on offer. That’s when I discovered The Ignition

‘A unique approach to personal development combining exercise for the mind and body’

‘The Ignition practice the ancient
principle “a sound mind in a sound body”, believing that to lead a
happy, content life we need to give both equal attention. Their aim is to work from the inside out
as well as outside in. The workshop is practical and energising giving
participants simple tools to use in everyday life.’
The Ignitor workshop was run by two lovely ladies, Caroline and Katie. Caroline is a PT and studio teacher, while Katie is a communications facilitator and an NLP (life) coach. Together, they have  built a business combining their two passions and united their skills to help others have greater self awareness. 
Each workshop is three hours and focuses on two themes, one fitness and one personal development. On Saturday, we spent an hour doing high intensity interval training led by Caroline, and two hours with Katie learning communication tools to maximise our confidence and personal impact on others, and setting and planning achievable goals for the next 12 months.

The first hour of HIIT training was great fun, Caroline is bubbly and super enthusiastic so it flew by in a haze of burpees and planks. After a short break, I’ll admit I was a little apprehensive about what the second part of the workshop might entail, but I went in with an open mind and was pleasantly surprised.

We started with an ice breaker game, a bit like musical chairs, to get to know each other and then went onto the first activity about confidence. Paired up, we were told to make conversation while acting either confident or unconfident. It was so interesting to see how we all perceived how a confident person acts, from their presence, body language and tone of voice. We learnt how to hold a word in our head, for example ‘passionate,’ and focusing on that word, act as though you are that word so that others could attempt to guess it. It felt a bit like being in an acting class, but for first meetings and creating initial impressions it was amazing to learn how to become something you are maybe not feeling, simply through a word.

*Try it. Think of a word. Hold it in your mind. Be that word.*

The second half of the workshop focused on goals. It’s April, already a quarter of the way through the year, but its still important to re-evaluate goals you set in the New Year. I’m not really a person who sets goals for myself, they just come along for the ride in my everyday life and I end up working towards them through my routine. Maybe it’s time to change that though. Katie talked about the GROW model for setting and working towards achieving your goals.

GROW stands for:

Options or obstacles
Will or way forward

It’s simple. You establish a goal; examine the current reality in the context of that goal; explore your options to achieve the goal; commit to the actions to move closer to the goal.

The best tip I learnt about goals – the sooner you make a start, the closer you are achieving your goal.

So I made some goals of my own for the next 12 months, one of which I made a small step closer to at the beginning of this week. Inspired by the Ignite session (and my new running buddy Steph!) I signed up for the Bristol to Bath marathon in October.

I would really recommend the Ignite sessions, especially if you book one through ClassPass, they’re held once a month and each has a different theme.

Have you already achieved your goals you set in the New Year? or maybe you want to make some new goals for yourself? Just remember, GROW!

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