It’s the end of July and if you’ve been following Sweaty Betty’s ‘Get Your Om Back’ Challenge you will have completed (or attempted!) 31 classic yoga poses, a new one every day of the month.
Attempting headstand with sisterly support
For the month of July, Sweaty Betty created an Instagram campaign #GetYourOmBack and led us through a series of poses to restore every inch of our bodies and guide us through our own journeys to find our Om.

To take part in the challenge you could follow their Instagram page, download the calendar as a pdf online or pick one up in their stores. Each day a new yoga pose was set, anything from a simple childs pose to a trickier bird of paradise. You could simply set yourself the challenge of mastering the pose or you could get involved via Instagram and snap yourself mid-pose before posting it online using the hashtag.

I’ve been going to 2-3 yoga classes every week for a few months now but I enjoyed the daily challenge of a different pose and would often start at day 1 and work my way through the poses to build up a routine. Now the challenge is over it’s also nice to have the calendar of yoga poses to look back on, choose a few that I didn’t quite manage (headstand/handstand/forearm balance) and work on them in my own time. 
Day 1: Balasana (Childs Pose)
Day 6: Urdhva Mukha Svanasana (Upward Dog)
Day 19: Natarajasana (Dancer’s Pose)
Day 28: Halasana (Plow Pose)

These are a few of my favourite days and of course the final Savasana (Corpse Pose) to end the challenge is one I look forward to after every yoga class. Did you take part in the Sweaty Betty #GetYourOmBack challenge? Congratulations if you did, now all together….OMMMMMMMMMMM!

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