The Carnethy Bucket List Challenge

A near-sunrise hike to Arthurs Seat this morning for the Carnethy Bucket List Challenge

It’s good to have a few challenges to work towards and as Spring feels like it’s finally springing up in Edinburgh – longer days, brighter skies, snowdrops and crocuses blooming – my running club Carnethy has set us a list of playful activities to embark on and rack up some points against our brother club, HBT.

If you’re from Edinburgh, live here or have visited before you may be familiar with some of these famous locations.

The aim is to visit each of the checkpoints for 5 points and receive bonus points if you complete the associated task.

For example, today we all went to the summit of Arthur’s Seat, but as you can see from the photos we just missed sunrise from the top! 07:09am this morning and it was just rising as we climbed to the top, not bad for a pre-breakfast hike with a 10kg toddler, not a baby anymore, in tow!

A dip at the beach in Portobello might be a challenge unless the weather warms up soon – we have until the 15th March to log our adventures so only a few more weeks to go. Tomorrow we’re going to attempt the orienteering on Costorphine Hill which looks fun, and I’ll have to findĀ  a weekend or day when A is at nursery to have a go at the Coast to Summit or vice versa from Allermuir.

Are your clubs encouraging inter-club friendly competitions when there aren’t any planned training or races coming up soon? I think it’s a great idea to feel involved and get folk out to places they maybe wouldn’t otherwise, trying new routes and ways to get fresh air, whether that’s an orienteering route or freezing cold dip in the sea! I’m up for it.


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