Baby essentials: 3-6 months

After the first 12 weeks as new parents you finally feel like you might be starting to figure this all out. Feeding gets easier, naps and sleeping routines become a bit more manageable and playtime feels more fun with smiles, laughs, tummy time and sitting up practice and all the exciting toys.

We still used a lot of the items we did in the first three months but there were additional ones we definitely found became useful as she grew and her personality developed.


As tummy time became easier and longer, Annabel lost her love of soft, cuddly toys and found noisy, shake-able toys more appealing, putting everything in her mouth and exploring by taste and texture. Favourites were these rattles, stacking cups and jingly Paddington Bear.

We also bought a soft foam playmat, this alphabet jigsaw one that you can alter the size of depending on your floor space, so that she had plenty of room to roam on our hard wooden floors without accidents happening as she started to roll and, fingers crossed, crawl.


Our bedtime routine ends with a story and our favourites are Peekaboo and any from the series by Morag Hood – an NCT mummy friend who lives here in Edinburgh and writes and illustrates these lovely story books. I also found a cute book shelf for her nursery from a London based company called Tidy Books so now all her books are proudly displayed and we can pick a favourite for bedtime.


We thought Annabel might be teething around 4 1/2 months as she was drooling so much more, a bit grouchier than usual and found relief biting and gnawing on a few things – the ever popular Sophie the giraffe, this necklace and bracelet set from small independent brand Mama Knows and this avocado bath toy from Oli and Carol, made from Havea tree rubber.

I also want to give a shout out to these Cheeky Chompers designed by my girlfriend the talented Chloe, how cute are they?! Such fun animal designs, I think Bertie the lion is my favourite.

***To celebrate the launch of these new teethers Cheeky Chompers are giving away a teething gift bundle on their Facebook page, just head over before Sunday 5th July for your chance to win!***

During the Scottish heatwave I also made milk ice lollies using these popsicle moulds and they seemed to work both to cool her down and soothe sore gums. Talking of hot weather…

Summer essentials

There were a few things we used a lot in the garden and out at the park on warm sunny days that really helped us.

I found the cutest little baby sunglasses from Izipizi, they have lots of colours to choose from and are the perfect size for little heads with a great strap so they stay on too. I also bought a small tent from JoJo Maman Bebe which came in so handy for creating shade and meant we could be outside anytime. I love that it packs up small enough to store in the bottom of the pram and you can pop it up super quick.

A surprise from my hospital bag that also came in handy during the hot weather was this hand held fan – I bought it knowing the hospital I gave birth in would be super warm and I’d want to keep cool, but like most of the things I bought to prepare for birth it stayed in the bag and wasn’t used. Now we’ve been using it in the tent, on the go and at night if the room is warm and it just circulates a bit of air.

Next up, my weaning kit! We’ve just started introducing solids at mealtimes with a new veggie a day and it’s an exciting journey so far seeing all the different reactions to different tastes and textures. Stay tuned!


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