February snow days!

On the first few days of February in Edinburgh the speckled snow- topped Pentland hills were calling, but so was moving day.

After quite a bit of to-ing and fro-ing Nige and I have finally bought our first home together, and after picking up the keys last week, this weekend was marked in to move. It was typical that when we really had to be inside, building furniture and unpacking boxes, all we wanted to do was play outside.

On Saturday we hoped to get out for sunrise, but moving took over and we ended up squeezing in a short run closer to sunset. We made the most of the time we had though, drove up to Hillend and were at the top of Allermuir looking our city before 3pm. Wow what a city we live in. It was white up top and even whiter looking South towards the skyline, but lots of folk were embracing the weather, lugging their sledges up the slopes and screaming their way down on their bottoms.

On Sunday we did get out early, drove to Flotterstone and started running just after 8.30. It was a cloudier day but still felt bright and fresh. Nige took off to the hills while I had a flatter route of the reservoirs planned. All was going well, up towards Bonaly and around Torduff, until the weather closed in, the skies became dark and the snow blizzard began! Not prepared for the snow I started moving a little quicker, as walkers dressed in layers upon layers chuckled as I ran past in just a base layer and jacket, soaked to the bone, snow flurries wetting my face and making my eyes stream.

As I got down to Glencorse reservoir I stacked it. Literally. I didn’t see the river of ice below my feet, took one step and the ground beneath me disappeared, propelled me into the air and brought me down with a thud, winding me. I looked up and feeling slightly shocked didn’t know what else to do except get up and get going. My back ached but I was getting cold and wetter by the minute, so I raced along the reservoir back to Flotterstone to find Nige, stripped in the car and got home to a hot shower. Oh how the weather can change in an instant in the hills.

Who got out for a snowy adventure recently and now it’s all melted away, is anyone else secretly hoping for some more later this month?


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