Trail Running in Killarney: Torc Waterfall

Any excuse for a little exploring, so with time to spare before getting ready for a wedding in Killarney, Ireland on Saturday I found a trail and ran in search of the Torc waterfall in the National Park.

We were staying at a beautiful 5 star hotel just a few minutes from the town of Killarney on the Ring of Kerry, so I eyed up a tourist spot a few miles away and took to the trails on Saturday morning.

After less than a kilometre on a small country road, complete with horse and carriage – they’re everywhere in the town – I found the trail I’d been hoping for and snuck into the quiet of the trees.

Forgetting the physics and geographical sense of waterfalls, I was initially puzzled when the trail took me higher and higher up the mountain side and my pace dropped, but I soon realised and continued to climb. The trails were empty, apart from cyclist tracks and traces of horse manure that comforted me as I knew I was on the right track. Where the horses went the tourists went, and eventually I found a car park and a sign directing me down to the base of the falls.

Before I descended, as I wound my way around the trees and tourists to the waterfall, I stopped to look over to the beautiful lakes of Killarney, calm in comparison to the rushing waters of the falls from Mangerton mountain – a climb for another day.

Four kilometres in and down steps to view the waterfall, I turned and made my return back to the hotel, taking in a few other trails that enticed me but that eventually led me back to the same country road and in time to get ready for an Irish wedding!

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