Tips for a more plastic-free July

Adidas Ultraboost Parleys, made from 11 recycled plastic bottles.

The hashtag is trending but going all-out, cold turkey #PlasticFreeJuly is a difficult challenge for many. There are small conscious changes that we can all make that will make a difference and if we embrace these and be mindful about our plastic use we’ll be moving in the right direction to creating impact.

Even if you pick up just one of these tips and it becomes routine, I believe that making these small sustainable swaps will add up to make a big difference for our future.

  1. Plan ahead and pack your reusables – Keep Cup adventures continue and Swell/Chilly/Love Island branded water bottles are the thing to be seen carrying this Summer. Pack your reusable cups, water bottles, cutlery and tote bags so you’re never caught short.
  2. Be savvy and aware when you shop – take a bit more time or open your eyes a bit more when buying from the supermarket and choose non-plastic packaging whenever you can. Bananas, apples, onions, mushrooms etc. often come loose, so pop ’em in your basket and forgo the extra plastic. You can also choose glass or cardboard packaging over plastics, which is easy for example with milk and wine (the essentials really!)
  3. Recycle – if you do choose plastic packaging check if it can be recycled and find somewhere you can do this instead of piling up your waste.
  4. Choose loose-leaf tea – I only found out recently that most teabags, our favourite PG Tips and Tetley for example, are not biodegradable. Go loose-leaf or opt for brands such as Pukka, Twinings Loose Leaf pyramid bags or Aldi’s Specially Selected range that are plastic-free.
  5. Let others know you’re doing your bit – spread the word about easy ways to introduce a bit more plastic-free into your life and maybe it’ll catch on. Have #KeepCupAdventure competitions – where’s yours travelled to?? – and brag about your Love Island-lookalikey water bottle.

Every little helps.

Are you doing your bit for a Plastic Free July? Any more tips to share with us?


  1. 8th July 2018 / 2:46 pm

    Some great tips here. I went to a weigh and pay store yesterday- my parents always used to shop in one when I was little but they seemed to disappear. You bring your own containers and then fill with whatever you are buying- nuts, pasta, spices, flours. I only bought a few things but even small changes will add up.

    • Amy
      9th July 2018 / 6:21 am

      Yes! there’s a few local shops here that do the same so I’ll have to make the effort to go stock up on some cupboard essentials!

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