Podcasts I’m Loving!

It took a while – I didn’t know what app to use to store and listen to audio on my Android phone – but I’ve finally entered the world of podcasts and now I can’t get enough!

Whether you listen to them first thing in the morning to ease yourself into the day with a little less screen time, while walking or commuting to work as a small distraction from the busy day ahead, or during a long run or cycle to make the miles tick by a little quicker, podcasts are for everyone. Open your mind, listen to others, share with friends.

Here are my current favourites –

Fearne Cotton’s Happy Place

Soothing tones of Fearne’s familiar radio DJ voice echo familiarity within me and as she interviews her guests about what happiness really means to them a door opens letting us in to each one of their lives.

Emotional, awakening, educational.

My favourite guests so far have been the hilarious Dawn French and, to my surprise, Paloma Faith.

Venetia Falconer’s Talking Tastebuds

Push past the fact that Venetia is a vegan, the reason I initially found her on YouTube while searching for recipes, and there’s a whole host of foodie goodness in this series (now on its second) with guests sharing their memories of food from their childhood and how it has changed and fits into their lifestyle now.

Addictive, comforting, inspiring.

My favourite listens in her second series have been the wonderful Melissa Hemsley, one half of the Hemsley sisters, and the most recent Derek Sarno of Wicked Foods.

Russell Brand’s Under the Skin

A more recent find for me but I have devoured this series as Russell in his usual eclectic way rambles through a huge variety of guests including some incredibly inspiring scientists and hugely funny comedians.

Fascinating, diverse, unexpected.

One of my favourite episodes from earlier this year was his chat with the co-founder of Headspace, Andy Puddicome all about mass meditation.

I’m always on the lookout for new recommendations of podcasts so let me know what you’ve been listening to and loving. Notice there’s no running podcasts, which I’m kinda liking – a nice change, learning something different and igniting passion for new ideas.


  1. Paul N
    17th April 2018 / 11:34 am

    Hey Amy, any tips for listening to podcasts on Android? This is something I’ve put off trying to figure out for a long time!

    • Amy
      17th April 2018 / 11:40 am

      Hi Paul! I use an app called Podcast Player that you can just download for free from Google Play store. Super simple, give it a go!

  2. 27th April 2018 / 8:52 pm

    Rich Roll’s podcast is my all time favourite. I’m still working my way through all the back episodes as there are hundreds and they are pretty long too.

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