Trail Running in Tenerife #4

On a high from our engagement we forgave the rain clouds and embraced the miserable start to our final day on the island of Tenerife with a morning run.

We wanted to explore a little further south into the pine forests and so headed out of Vilaflor following the shepherd-and-his-crook-signs leading us off road and into the trees.

We were heading towards the small town of Cruz de Tea – for tea! – just 10km away via a summit at Montana Colorada and a lovely descent. The signs led us on rocky farmland tracks before we said goodbye to the shepherd and climbed the short ascent to the top of the hill, the clouds rolling in below us, heavy with rain.

As the heavens opened and the rain started to pour, running red rivers down the rocky trails and soaking us through, we ran on some of the most beautiful terrain we’d discovered on our short trip. We wound through deep, heavily scented pine forests, now plunged into a thick mist of cloud, with trees dripping with rain water and the trails cutting through once dried up river beds, now alive with fresh water.

Although our waterproof layers stayed on throughout, the rain was refreshing and sweet, until we exited the shelter of the trees above us and the trail opened up above the village below us, the heavy rain pounding on the roads around us as we dashed to the nearest cafe.

All seasons of weather in just four days of trail running on the magnificent island of Tenerife, every piece of kit worn, weathered, dirty. Memories to last a lifetime and stories to tell everyone who will listen.

Tenerife – your beautiful National Park, Mount Teide – we will see you soon.

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