Guest Post: The Brighton 10k

If you’re new around here you may not know my running partner-in-crime, Stephanie.

Let me introduce you –

That’s her lovely self above doing the famous Muzzall hop as we ran our first 50km race together. It’s hard to believe that Steph only started running 5 years ago, completing her first marathon in 2014 and since then she’s racked up a lot of miles finishing 13 marathons, 5 ultramarathons and 163 parkruns to name but a few! I’m exhausted just thinking about all those miles! She’s a Datchet Dasher and a second claim Fulham RC-er and here, on The Scientist Runs, she’s going to be sharing lots of interesting content from now on, starting with a race recap from Sunday’s Brighton 10k race. Take it away Steph!

My Grandparents live on the south coast, so when I caught up with Mark (Run Director at Hove Promenade parkrun) and he tipped me off about Brighton 10k I thought it worked well for a trip to my Nan’s and a sneak race in at the same time.

I ran Brighton Half in 2015 but haven’t done as much seafront trotting as I would like. It’s a lovely town, with so much to see if you are looking for a run-cation, full of independent shops, quirky vintage shops and coffee shops galore. Head to the lanes for antique jewellery and fudge shops or Brighton Pavilion for some history on a wet day.

Back to the race, Brighton 10k lost their main sponsor last year, but having not run it before, it didn’t make any difference to me whatsoever. £18 for 10k works out at 1.80 per km, which with closed roads, chip timing, a medal and a goody bag makes this race great value in my book.

I had a bit of a panic the night before, I’d packed on the Friday night in a bit of a rush and had thrown in my club tee, some shorts and long socks. Looking at the weather, we were hitting highs of 5C, which on a sea front could feel much cooler. Luckily fellow Datchet Dasher Mel was running (and SMASHED her target) and her hubby Jon was on baggage duty! I kept my jacket on until the last minute and a beautiful blue sky and no wind meant I soon warmed up. The bag drop was quick and simple though, so those without their own baggage team needn’t worry!

Pre- and post- run coffee stops with Mark and Sarah who battled a nasty cold!

I spent most of the race trying to decide if I wanted to push myself or not. The night before I was all ‘go for it’ in my head, but pre-race nerves kicked in. I’m not very good at pushing myself and it always seems so daunting. I went into the 41-45 minute pen and got swept along by the crowd, I didn’t feel like I was gunning it, but felt fast and comfortable. The race does a switch back past the start at 6.5k, the kilometres had whizzed by and I was really enjoying myself. A cheer from Mel’s hubby Jon and then seeing the winner roll in gave me a boost.

I don’t really look at my watch but I ran pretty steady and kept my pace throughout, being such a flat course and being in the right pen made this happen pretty naturally. There’s one last switch-e-roo marking the mile to go mark and I saw another surprise Dasher and Mark and Sarah as I ran towards the finish line. A mile is a long way and I resisted starting a sprint finish too early!

I crossed the finish line as Mel passed going the other way, what fab timing! I was handed a goody bag with my medal, a banana, a bottle of water and two energy snacks/bars. YUM!

I cheered my fellow runners in and then wandered back to the car with Mark, picking up a hot chocolate on the way, before rushing off for Sunday lunch with my family.

I was pleased with my run and not particularly worried about my time. It was only when I got back to my house in the evening and my housemate Graeme asked me how I’d done. “That’s TWO 22 minute 5ks” he said. “Oh yeah”, a smile snuck onto my face. It was only when I looked back on my previous results that I realised it was my second fastest 10k ever and 9 seconds off a PB! So definitely a PB course, I’ll have to go back again and push that little bit harder next time!



  1. 23rd November 2017 / 6:55 am

    Well done Stephanie! What a brilliant time! This is the first year in about 4 or 5 that I’ve not run it- it was cancelled last year in the morning due to a bad storm, and although I could get slightly discounted entry the hotels in Brighton were so expensive for the weekend that I decided to have a year off. I’ll probably be back next year though as I love running in (and going to) Brighton.

    • Amy
      23rd November 2017 / 9:01 am

      Thanks for reading Maria! I’ve been in London for over 3 years and still never made it to Brighton! Close, in Worthing, but not quite! Hope to see you there next year!

    • Stephanie
      28th November 2017 / 3:43 pm

      Let’s all go next year! Airbnb generally has more affordable options 🙂 you need a south coast granny!!

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