Treating Mum: Yoga at The Shard

When family and friends come to visit me in London, I love to start planning our itinerary in advance and use it as excuse to see and do things I’ve never done in this city so we can share the excitement of a new experience.

Mum arrived on Friday evening and as the sun was shining I met her at London Bridge to surprise her with one of what I hoped would be a magical view of the city skyline – on the 24th floor of The Shard – while we practiced yoga with Yogasphere.

I’ve never visited The Shard – a building that dominates London’s skyline – but thought taking our yoga practice there would be a good alternative to having a drink at one their bars or dining in the restaurants, although I’m sure that’s pretty special too. We queued up for a guest pass and then had to go though security, a little like at the airport, before we were shown to the lift to take us up to the 24th floor where we would practice.

There are bathrooms to change in and a little seating area to leave bags etc. and then we were shown through to what felt like a little meeting room where our mats were laid out, except this was a room with one incredible view. Before class we admired the evening sky and did a bit of building spotting – iconic Tower Bridge to our right and Big Ben with the Houses of Parliament looking small down below.

It was a small class size, maybe about 16 in total, with lots of space between our mats, all facing the view of course. Our teacher Jelka started the class with some breathing exercises, grounding us on our mats after a busy week and directing us to absorb our surroundings and appreciate the visual stimulation of the skyline.

Our class was a lovely flowing practice, beginning with salutations and moving through a classic set of hip and heart opening poses. The challenge came from the set of balancing poses, stretching our trees out in front of a buzzing and busy city and focusing in our half moons while up high in the sky.

A beautiful hour long practice and a real treat for the eyes and mind to take our yoga flow on the 24th floor and looking out to London. Thank you Yogasphere for hosting such a special class, a perfect start to the weekend.


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