Race Day Hydration

It’s hotting up in the UK’s capital and the weekend is set to be a scorcher – perfect for a 50km race, eh?!

Hydration is key when training and racing, hells in life yo! and especially when the temperatures rise. The two litre rule applies to a sedentary person in normal temperatures, but the more active individual needs up to four!

When exercising, always start in a hydrated state – so in the few days leading up to a race make sure you’re getting enough water in your body to keep it topped up. Dehydration can –

  • impair performance
  • reduce time to fatigue
  • impair thermoregulation (how well your body can regulate its’ core temperature)
  • make your heart have to work harder

– so it’s key to keep your body hydrated to give you the best chance at a good performance, no excuses!

During exercise lasting more than an hour (I’m thinking running 50km might take me a little longer!) it’s recommended that 2-3ml per kg of bodyweight is taken on every 20-30 minutes, so if you’re a 70kg man for example you’re looking at 500ml-1l every hour.

Post-exercise, you need to be replacing 50% more than the volume lost in sweat to ensure good recovery and rehydration, and adding sodium to drinks post-exercise is recommended to improve fluid retention.

Obviously water is not your only source of hydration and I’ve often been drawn to coconut water as a tasty refreshing treat. I recently tried birch water – the sap which flows inside birch trees – from TAPPED as another alternative to water and really enjoyed the taste. Drinking birch sap is an old Nordic tradition dating back centuries and Nordic folk enjoy it as a rejuvenating tonic with a wide range of health benefits – it’s isotonic so perfect to replace electrolytes and also has four times less sugar than coconut water.

If you’d like to try TAPPED birch water to keep on top of your hydration, I’m currently running a competition to WIN a case over on my Instagram so you could be hydrating like a traditional Norwegian this summer!

TAPPED are also running a Crowdfunding project to make the natural wonder of birch water available to a wider audience and you can support their venture here: https://www.seedrs.com/tapped

If you’re training hard or racing this weekend or over the summer as the temperatures climb, ensure you’re well hydrated before, during and after! See you at the water station?!


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