On-the-go Protein Favourites

Hill training with Wild Trail Runners, photo c/o Paul Ngui

I’m fussy when it comes to my protein intake. I usually rely on a balanced and varied diet to ensure I consume enough protein for my body, choosing chicken, eggs, quinoa, milk and Greek yoghurt as my natural sources, but sometimes, particularly on active training days, I lean towards supplements. After a long training run or race, usually more than half marathon distance, or a double gym session, I enjoy making myself a protein shake. It fills me up there and then and I notice an improved recovery the following day, compared to when I’ve scrimped on or not made time for adding protein back into my diet.

Like most runners, gym goers and anyone who’s thought about recovery post-training, I have a tub of protein powder hiding at the back of my cupboard and it’s probably been there for at least a year ( I just checked, it went off in March 2016, lovely). I buy the bag and enjoy trying it for a few times, feel good about myself refueling my body correctly and then get bored.

Surely it’s not just me?

I want to be the person that’s prepared post-run; the runner who’s got a protein shake on-hand at the finish line or ready to go post-hill session. 

So I’m doing something about it.

I’ve been testing out a few different brands of protein supplements recently, with one thing in common – their individual sachets making it portable and ready on-the-go.

First up is My Protein, a brand I’m sure most of you have heard of as they’re the World’s #1 online sports nutrition brand and have a huge selection of products to choose from. They also have an Active Women range including vegan protein individual sachets in flavours like banana cinnamon – my dream – and pineapple and coconut. Each 25g sachet contains 16g of plant-based protein and at only 99p you can afford to try a few and find a favourite. I found these blended well with both cows milk and almond milk and unlike some other vegan protein powders I’ve tried had a smooth texture and no distinct taste apart from the fruity flavour.

Another brand I’ve been trying and loving, especially for their cappuccino flavoured shakes, is Nuzest. The Clean Lean Protein is made with 100% pea protein (unlike My Protein, which contains a mix of pea and rice proteins) and again blends really well with milk or even water into a smooth tasty shake. The chocolate flavour is also amazing and blending with ice and banana is a perfect ice cream-like treat!

and finally, I couldn’t forget Tribe. A more recent product to the team’s line-up of incredibly simple sports nutrition. I discovered the banana and chocolate recovery shakes in my monthly subscription box and was really impressed. They have just 4 ingredients including pea protein and a little coconut sugar as sweetener and you can’t beat a banana shake blended with even more frozen banana post-workout. Delicious.

Are you concious of your post-training protein intake and what is your go-to replacement? Is there a favourite brand or flavour I need to try, or a recipe other than a simple shake I need to be making? 


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