Biomechanical Analysis at The Running School

Last night I had my first session at The Running School with Nick Antoniades.

With fellow fitness bloggers Elle, Laura and Marcus, I am striving to become a better runner and to me that means being quicker and more efficient, stronger and less injury-prone. I’m hoping that 6 sessions at The Running School will tell me which parts of my running are weakest and give me the skills to improve these so that in the long-term I will be a more knowledgeable and sensible runner.

Our first session was a personal biomechanical analysis that examined our individual running technique to identify the changes that could be made to make us better, faster runners. With a trail marathon to run on Sunday, I was promised just three 40 second intervals on the treadmill, nothing too taxing!

Nick was true to his word and I warmed up gently on the treadmill before he filmed two short video clips of me from the side and back, one at 12km/hour pace and then slightly quicker at 14.5km/hour pace. He’d attached small white circular stickers to my hips, glutes and back before I started so that we could track my alignment during the running phase when playing back the video.

Photo c/o Elle Linton

After we’d all taken centre stage on the treadmill we sat down together to watch our videos and Nick analysed each of our running styles and the key areas that he felt we could improve on. My main issue, which I was surprised about, is overstriding,¬†causing deceleration and overall inefficiency.

Although all of our running styles were different Nick picked out that a common feature in all of our techniques was weak or lazy glutes¬†causing other muscles like the quads or hamstrings to over compensate. He set us homework based on glute activation and strengthening to practice before our next session, so if you see me standing on one leg brushing my teeth or lunging while waiting for the kettle to boil you know I’m just trying to be a perfect student!

Thank you to The Running School and Elle for this exciting opportunity. We will all be documenting our individual journeys on our blogs and social media channels so be sure to follow our progress and watch our transformations to become the next Mo Farahs and Paula Radcliffes!


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