A new race: Beat the Boat

If a race has a certain novelty – be it a mug or coaster instead of a medal or an unmarked course that you have to navigate your way around – count me in. I was excited therefore to hear about Beat the Boat, a 10k trail race around Windsor taking place on June 25th, organised by a new start-up running company, Runface, together with local Windsor club the Datchet Dashers. The novelty? You guessed it – runners are trying to catch several pace boats, filled with their friends and family on board, along the 10km route, adding to the excitement for both those racing and supporting. I think it’s a great idea!

As well as organising this fun and novel 10k race, the founders of Runface – just a couple of local Parkrunners who started a small sports company in their spare time – are producing a range of running clothing. From buffs, T-shirts and vests, each with unique, only-a-runner-would-know slogans like You’ve been chicked, Run Eat Pub Repeat and You’re pace or mine they’re the perfect treat to yourself or gift for your fellow running buddies. I think my current favourite, modeled on the website by my lovely friend Stephanie, is the Ready Set Prosecco T-shirt, perfect to see you from track session to the bar and you won’t even need to tell the barman your order! Runface currently have a limited time offer of 3 tops for £40, so go grab your favourite and a few for the running besties in your life, they will love them I’m sure!

I’m sure you’ll spot a lot of these T-shirts on runners now you’ve seen them, so go support a small, local start-up company and get your running friends involved too! While you’re at it, check your summer racing calendar and if you fancy a cheeky 10km sharpener with a boat-ful of your cheer squad as pacers sign up for Beat the Boat!


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