Class review: Bootcamp Pilates

bootcamp-pilates-4Reformer Pilates is the workout that keeps on giving and once you’ve nailed the art of maneuvering yourself around a reformer bed you can quickly build up from the basic moves to really challenge your body and test your strength, balance and flexibility – fitness qualities that don’t usually go hand in hand.

Bootcamp Pilates is London’s original and best reformer Pilates method and I was first introduced to its unique concept when I tried a class a few years ago using my ClassPass membership. Although I wasn’t quite in the mindset that Pilates was easy, most of the mat Pilates classes I’ve been to didn’t challenge me. Reformer Pilates and in particular the classes at Bootcamp Pilates changed that.



Bootcamp Pilates now have studios in every corner of London, from Fulham, SW London to its newest offering in the heart of Brick Lane, Shoreditch.

With over 250 movements you can be tested with each one of the classes at Bootcamp Pilates is different, making it a fun and varied workout every time. The Elite trainers guiding you through your practice have a wealth of experience and the class numbers are small enough to ensure you have personal attention if needed.

As a runner, one of the main advantages of a Bootcamp Pilates class is that you can isolate and strengthen particular muscle groups through challenging exercises while not exhausting the body so much that you simply couldn’t take on another workout or run the following day. It complements my running well by focusing on flexibility, coordination and balance and a class achieves the perfect balance of leaving you feeling like you’ve worked hard and energising you.


Of course there’s nothing quite like stretching it all out at the end, especially when your instructor has pushed you to your limits giving you new moves to master and new heights of resistance on the reformer bed to reach next time. So I’ll just have to keep going back!

Thank you to Action PR for the opportunity to try out Bootcamp Pilates’ newest studio in Shoreditch recently and to the lovely Marcel who always delivers the golden social media shots! You can find your nearest Bootcamp Pilates studio and their class timetable here.



  1. 3rd August 2017 / 4:23 pm

    My wife has been looking for a pilates class, and I think that being able to realize what a challenge it is going to be at first would be smart. I’m glad that you talked about your experience with a pilates class, and not necessarily thinking it would be easy, but also not realizing the difficulty that would accompany it. I’m going to have to share your article with her, and make sure she’s ready for her pilates class! Thank you!

    • Amy
      3rd August 2017 / 5:01 pm

      Thanks for reading Max and I hope your wife can gain something from it too, good luck to her with Pilates!

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