Postcards from Zarós, Crete


Thank you to Joy Felicity Jane for this blog idea – a photographic summary of our holiday in Zarós, a small mountain village on the Greek island of Crete.

Nige and I spent 5 nights at a lovely family-run hotel, Keramos, where we were very well looked after with true Cretan-style hospitality, from huge breakfast feasts of dozens of different homemade pastries and fresh produce from the family farm to truck rides up the mountain at sunset to hear stories of the village’s history. We attempted to run every day but with temperatures peaking in the high 30s during the day, it was extremely tough and we resorted to hiking most of our routes and enjoying running the descents if we could. The landscapes were beautiful, rocky, dry and only green high up in the mountains, with goats roaming the hills leaving a bell-ringing trail behind them. The trails themselves were few and far between, mostly huge fire roads that zigzag-ed up and up the ascents or small unmarked, un-walked paths leading to who knows where. Not the trail running paradise we had hoped, but we certainly made the most of our time there, exploring our surroundings and absorbing the Cretan traditions on our way, and we thoroughly enjoyed our little break.

View from our hotel balcony, Zarós

The epic homemade breakfast feasts


Checking out the route up to Rouvas Forest

Nige overlooking the Rouvas Gorge

Discovering an unidentifiable cactus fruit


Enjoying the descents of the Rouvas Gorge


Mountain goats enjoying the view


Route planning with the help of Greek beers


A puncture at half way means a long run home avec bike


The best way to cool down when temperatures peak


Taking time out up high at an ancient monestry


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