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Best way to start a Monday and my week, with an early morning workout

I feel like I’m hovering in limbo at the moment, with little purpose or structure to my days, and it sounds silly but it’s simply because I currently don’t have a gym or studio membership! Ridiculous!

For over a year I was doing the rounds of London’s best boutique studios with ClassPass and after that I plumped for two months at my favourite – Paola’s BodyBarre. Now? I’m just a lone, fitness-loving runner who doesn’t know when her next workout is.

Since I got back from holiday I’ve been trying to figure out what I really want, taking advantage of free gym trials nearby and using complimentary class passes or freebies, and running of course. There’s always running. But it isn’t enough. I miss the feeling of being strong, exhausting myself with one too many burpee at a HIIT class, lifting weights, throwing kettlebells around, challenging myself on a Reformer machine, feeling in the moment at a blissful yoga class…the variety of my workouts. Fitness classes are my thing. I’m definitely not the most sociable of beings, but a class environment brings out the best in me, pushes me to my limits and I never tire of the buzz of a group workout, even if it’s at 6.15am on a Monday morning!

This week I’ve tried my best to work in some free classes, so it looked like this –

Monday am – Reformer Pilates at Frame, Victoria; pm – Yoga at Active in Style, Chelsea

(both free classes, the Pilates thanks to Create Victoria and yoga thanks to Shake it Social)

Tuesday – 8km tempo run on my commute home, getting faster each km

Wednesday – Fulham Running Club, 10 miles and social

Thursday  Рearly morning interval session at Barn Elms Athletics Track, 4*400m, 2*800m, 4*400m with 4km warm-up and 6km cool down runs.

Friday am – Fulham Running Club 7km 2 bridges route; pm – Power Yoga class at new studio, Method Movement.


Laps for breakfast on Thursday at the track

I think it’s worth noting, and I do sometimes forget, that I walk to and from work if I don’t run, so that’s an additional 10km of walking on my commute. For some that might be enough, but I’m still craving variety in my fitness and the feeling that I’m keeping on top of my cross-training, the further I get into marathon/ultra training.

So what’s the plan?
Here goes, in terms of running1 interval session (track or FRC), 1 tempo run (Wednesday pm with FRC), 1 easy run (Friday am with club) and 1 long run as marathon plan suggests (weekend)/week. In terms of cross-training2 strength sessions and 2 yoga sessions/week – through free classes, online videos, bodyweight exercises in the park and my own at-home practice. I think I just need to see how long I can go without picking up something heavy if I’m honest! Anyone got anything they need moving?! or just lifting?!

I’m excited to try out new studios – particularly Method Movement this evening which has just opened between home and work – and am still managing to squeeze out the free classes – I’ve got an Ignite session at Evolve 353 on Monday morning and a barre class at Xtend Barre booked for after the bank holiday weekend.

Any tips on free fitness and achieving that ultimate balance?


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