Running with the Tribe

I have my new flatmate and friend Sophie to thank for introducing me to a new community of London runners, Tribe. I love their ethos – looking “for the natural in the places we train and the food we eat. We don’t do treadmills. We don’t eat processed. We believe that anything is possible given time and energy.”  
After I found out about the group I searched for them on Facebook and saw they were hosting a whole range of running events paired with some awesome healthy food places around London. A few Saturdays ago, I headed to Covent Garden to meet the Tribe leaders and others for a 10k run through Regents Park to Primrose Hill, finishing with porridge and treats at 26 Grains. Who can say no to a post-run free porridge from this awesome cafe?!

After the event, we also got to enjoy some treats from the Tribe pack – a delivery of different delicious, nutrient-rich snacks and inspiration for runners – and I signed up to try a pack of my own. To fit in with their “Eat Natural, Run Free” ethos, each of their Tribe boxes feature only the highest quality, unrefined wholefoods with no refined sugars or sulphites. Each week, fortnight or month, depending on your subscription, you are sent a lovely box of five snacks that are tailored specifically for your training needs. As well as the healthy snacks, each box also comes with a Tribe Life magazine in which there are recipes, nutritional and training advice and a list of their upcoming running events. If that’s not enough to entice you, 10p from every Tribe box sold goes towards the Tribe for Good charity supporting fundraising projects and adventures by Tribe runners.

I was excited to open my box when it dropped through my letter box last week and was even more delighted when I saw this message from Chris McDougall (author of Born to Run) written about the legendary Tarahumara ultra-runners on the inside –

“That was the real secret. They’d never forgotten what it felt like to love running.
 They remembered that running was mankind’s first fine art, our original act of inspired creation.”

I’ve been enjoying the contents of my Tribe box this week, topping my overnight oats for breakfast with the Plenish Pollen Seeds and the Sustain Scafell Trail Mix, and munching on the Pick Me Up Cacao and Almond Bar before interval training. Cleverly, there are four categories of snacks and a mix of each in every box – Pick Me Up for energy, Sustain for endurance, Plenish for recovery and Glow for antioxidants. As well as their own branded products, the Tribe box also includes a discovery product from a new healthy food brand. This week, my box included a peanut protein ball from Healthbox Kitchen, who provide nut-based energy snacks that are delicious, wholesome, low in sugar and high in protein and fibre.

As a relatively new company I’m really impressed with Tribe so far and looking forward to seeing what new and exciting ideas and events they have planned in the future. In the upcoming months they have runs all around London again paired with some great healthy living brands including nut-butter-making-extraordinaires Pip and Nut, the geniuses at ClassPass, the lovely girls at Sweaty Betty and the one and only Rude Health. I’ll definitely be trying to fit in some of their lovely runs as part of my training, and the best part – they’re all FREE!


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