Marathon training week 7/20

I’m not sure what I was expecting from this week in terms of running but it didn’t turn out the way I planned. After the Northumberland Coastal Run last weekend I was on a high and without any thought I raced a mile in the Battersea Park relays on Monday evening. 
A great turnout from Fulham RC for the Battersea relays!
A mile is a tricky distance. In a team of three girls from Fulham RC, I was on the last leg so the pressure was certainly on to bring the team home. Louise and Tina absolutely stormed their miles, clocking sub-6 minutes and it was all up to me to step up and give it all I had. I’ve not raced a mile since the Westminster Mile back in May and that was when my legs were fresh, not heavy after a gruelling half marathon the day before. I didn’t want to let the girls down though, or all of the other Fulham RC teams, so I gave it everything and managed to come in with a 6:11 mile. Not my best and when I finished I had no idea where I or the team had placed. With the relays you have no idea of team times unless you’re in the top placings as some of the teams are mixed gender etc. It was a complete surprise therefore that our ladies team, Fulham Force, were announced first place! I couldn’t believe it and was so proud of us girls! We were given our medals and posed for the cameras, but the smile didn’t leave my face all evening! It wasn’t just the girls’ effort that I was so proud of but the entire Fulham RC team that have now become my little running family and I’m so happy to be a part of. 
A bit of a blurry one from the mile relays, must have been running so fast! 
On Tuesday morning I woke up a little less sprightly and realised what I’d put my body through over the last two days had definitely taken its’ toll. So I listened and adjusted my schedule for the rest of the week, a bit less running, a bit more yoga, hopefully going into Sunday’s long run fully recovered. Here’s what it looked like:
Week 7
am: Spin class at Ride Republic. Bad move, 45 minutes of hills finishing with a 2km time trial. I wish I had cancelled this class and it’s not very often I say that, but my legs just said no and it was a real struggle.
pm: Hot Bikram Yoga. Absolute bliss. I had looked forward to this class all day and the release was so amazing. There’s stretching and then there’s stretching in a hot room when your muscles are relaxed and you’re able to push them that little bit further. I always sleep so well after these classes too.
pm: Yin Yoga at OmRiverYoga, Wandsworth. I went along to this class with Steph who had been singing the praises of this yoga teacher, Cal, for a while and wow, it was worth it. I love Yin Yoga –  long stretches that my body really appreciated – and lots of work on myofascial release using tennis balls, which I’m definitely investing in and will be adding to my own stretching routine.
am: 2.5mile steady run to the new Core Collective studio in Kensington for a Resistance class.
Some of my favourite runs are early in the morning when the city is still asleep and this run definitely felt like that. I had planned the route on Google Maps the night before and worked out how to get to my class for the 7.15am start. I arrived in plenty of time to appreciate this amazing new studio – chic, modern and so on-trend – and my TRX class with Paddy was great. I grabbed a protein shake in Wholefoods after on my walk to work and it was the perfect start to my morning.
pm: PiYo – again, one of my new favourite workouts and you can read all about why here
pm: Restorative and Yin Yoga at Battersea Yoga. A perfect way to end a busy week and I love this little studio tucked in a quiet little lane near Battersea Park. It was pouring down with rain throughout the class and it felt so nice hearing it pound down on the roof while we were keeping warm and snug amongst our boulsters and blankets during our relaxing yoga practice. 
am: Parkrun at Fulham Palace, 5k at 20:52. Not my fastest or slowest but after all the rain on Friday we woke to sunshine on Saturday morning and parkrun with my Fulham RC buddies is just too hard to resist! I also wanted to get up and do something active before indulging in French food all afternoon while watching the final stages of the Tour de France! 
am: 13 miles from Putney, around Richmond Park, and back with Cat from Fulham RC. Wet. From the instant I stepped outside the door it poured and didn’t let up once as we made our way around the park. Seriously London, it’s July!? Rain rain, go away! I was glad of the coolness but arrived back absolutely drenched. Marathon training eh, why do we do it to ourselves?!
Lots of yoga this week, balancing out all the running
So, week 7 marathon training, DONE! 
It started on a high with a win for the Fulham Force ladies team at Battersea Park mile relays, had a little lull mid-week trying to recover, but finished with a soggy but worthwhile 13 miles around Richmond Park! Week 8 looks like more of the same but with a hen do at the weekend I’ll be looking to getting my long run in pre-work on Friday morning so I can fully enjoy the celebrations! 

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