Marathon training week 6/20

A non-stop week leading up to a weekend back home in Edinburgh and the Northumberland Coastal Run, which I ran yesterday and will be writing about later in the week. I always find it tough to ease back on training before a race but I knew I’d regret it if I kept up my normal routine, so Friday was a rest day including travelling and on Saturday I tried a new vinyasa flow yoga class at Meadowlark.

Headstand practice with Tess in the Meadows before our yoga class
Here’s how the rest of Week 6 looked:
am: Reformer pilates @ Absolute Pilates 
pm: Speed session with Fulham RC including some pair work and handicap “race” training in Bishops Park. Continuing on from last week we concentrated on running form and tried to be more aware of keeping our heads up, eyes looking to the horizon (for more detail, see our running coach Justin’s blog)
am: TRX training @ Transition Zone
pm: Night off drinking wine and making risotto! All about the balance!
am: Cardio Barre @ Paola’s Body Barre
pm: 6.5km run with Fulham RC, 2 bridges route
am: Blast class @ Lomax with free Raw Health breakfast!
pm: PiYo (blog post coming soon!)
am: Yoga with Adriene ‘Morning Yoga – Yoga To Start Your Day!’ before catching up with Stephanie over breakfast
pm: Vinyasa Flow class @ Meadowlark, Edinburgh 

Dad pointing us in the right direction before race start
The herd of runners on mass at the start of Northumberland Coastal Run 2015
A good week culminating with a great race, reassuring me that my training is on course and I’m seeing the benefits. I felt comfortable throughout yesterday’s half marathon despite the changing terrain and was happy to just enjoy it and take in the stunning scenery!
Next weeks goals: 3x1mile relays tonight with Fulham RC in Battersea Park, we have a record 10 teams taking part and I can’t wait to put on my club vest again! Hoping I recover well from yesterday’s race, so far so good but I think Tuesday will be the real test. Lots of yoga and cross-training as well as another long run on Sunday, which after yesterday I’m really looking forward to! Week 6 – you were awesome – bring on Week 7!

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