Marathon Training Week 5/20: Parkrun Tourism

It’s funny how when one aspect of your life is going so horribly wrong another seems to lift your chin up and take over, and last week that is exactly what happened. Running this week has literally been my lifeline and sticking to my routine and training schedule has provided the ideal distraction from a little bump in my road. 
Training goals this week included a spot of Parkrun tourism at Bushy Park with some of my lovely Fulham RC buddies and a 12 mile long run on Sunday morning before the Wimbledon mens’ final started. 
Week 5

am: Functional Kettlebells @ Slice studios, a 45 min upper body and abs workout with a 6/8kg kettlebell.
pm: Interval/technique-focused session at Fulham RC, 45 mins of drills focusing on optimal arm movement when running followed by 5x400m sprints, 1 min recovery.
am: Blast class @ Lomax, 1 hour circuits/HIIT session with Mark
pm: Hot bikram yoga @ Hot Spot Yoga, my first 60 min (usually 90) class, which was a little more fast paced.
am: Cardio Barre @ PBB with Paola herself, I’ve not seen her for ages and she really put us through our paces!
pm: Fulham RC social run, 6.5 miles at 8min/mile pace along the river to Barnes Bridge and back to Putney

am: Reformer pilates @ Bootcamp Pilates, 1 hour with Nick 
pm: PiYo with Tanya (aka London Insaniac) – my new favourite class, a mix of fast paced pilates and yoga to music, definitely Insanity-inspired
am: REST!
pm: Yoga flow @ Evolve Yoga, South Kensington AND ‘This Girl Can’ campaign photoshoot! – more about this coming soon in a blog post!
am: Bushy Park parkrun, 5k, 21:02 – not a PB but nice to discover a new course and feel part of the Fulham RC team as we celebrated a 50th parkrun and 30th birthday with post-run bubbles and cake!
pm: Iyengar Yoga @ Triyoga, lots of hip openers, triangles and inversions
am: Long run along the Thames path from Putney Bridge towards Kew and back with new running buddy Bob, old enough to be my dad! but the perfect running partner and a good constant pace of 8:30min/mile bringing us to 12 miles in 1:43. After a horrendous start to my Sunday morning I didn’t think anything would be able to lift my spirits, but slightly cooler weather, a breeze along the river and a run which didn’t even feel like effort as we chatted the entire time was all that I needed to reset my mind and lift my mood. This is why I run. 
pm: Yoga for Runners @ Triyoga, another new class and perfect for stretching out tight hamstrings, adductors, achilles, calves and even toes!
A great week of cross-training (maybe a little too much) and running variety!
Next weeks goals: Fulham RC Monday session focusing on negative splits, more cross-training and a little wind-down before the Northumberland Coastal Run on Sunday!

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