Yoga at Kew Gardens!

Last week I enjoyed my yoga practice on a rooftop with Jo Arthur thanks to Sweaty Betty. I didn’t think I could top this location, but on Tuesday evening I got the chance to take my place at the mat in another wonderful setting thanks to Lululemon – the beautiful Nash Conservatory, a large glasshouse in the amazing Kew Gardens!

I first heard about the event after being inspired at the ultramarathon movie event, which was also hosted by Lululemon a few weeks ago. In celebration of the opening of their new store in Richmond on June 19th, they were hosting different wellbeing experiences to showcase the brand’s fit and healthy lifestyle ethos. The setting of one of these was nearby Kew Gardens and a yoga class taught by brand ambassador Allie Hill, founder of Yogahaven.

I arrived at our beautiful setting for the evening and was greeted by two lovely Lululemon girls holding bunches of red balloons at the Elizabeth Gate of the gardens. It was such a peaceful time of day, the gardens were closed to the public so I took the opportunity to walk around the flower beds without the crowds and take in the open green space. I then walked over to the Nash Conservatory, our yoga space for the evening’s practice, and after grabbing a complimentary fresh apple, lime and elderflower juice, took my place on my mat and settled in.

At 7.30pm, our Lululemon hosts introduced to us to Allie who would take us through our yoga class and Elodie who would assist us in our poses. In the corner of a yogi-filled glasshouse, an all girl string quartet were sat and provided us with the perfect soundtrack to our yoga flow. Like sardines or soldiers lined on our mats in mountain pose, we began our practice, moving through sun salutations and crescent lunges, warrior variations and eagles.

We finished up with beautiful opening backbends in bridge and wheel, inversions with shoulder stand and plough pose and finally a restorative corpse pose. At the end of our practice after our final Namaste, the lovely folk at Lululemon gifted us all our yoga mats to take home with us, encouraging us to take our practice with us and continue our yoga journey, thank you! I’ll be setting up my mat on the patio and leading myself through some sun salutations now summer has finally arrived in London!

Check out the brand new Lululemon Richmond store from Friday 19th June (their opening weekend promises to be action packed!) and look out for their fabulous free events on their Facebook page. This was truly one of the best places I’ve taken my yoga practice, can you top it? Tell me your favourite place to take your mat and send me photos of your poses in action!


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