Marathon training week 1/20

Some of you may or may not know, I’ve only eluded to it briefly in my blog posts, that I signed up for and am running Bristol to Bath Marathon in October.  This will be my first “real” marathon race, although I have technically covered the marathon distance when I ran the London marathon route in reverse in April.

I’ll be sharing my running story with you in my next post (inspired by Charlie) but for now I thought I’d update you on week 1 of my marathon training schedule. It’s 20 weeks long and was put together by my lovely Dad, who’s run his fair share of marathons in his time and also has a bit of knowledge on running coaching. Like most training schedules you may have seen the focus is only gradually building up the mileage as well as some key principles:

  • One speed session/week
  • One endurance session/week
  • One strength session/week
  • One core stability session/week
  • Easy/hard alternate days and weeks 
  • Tapering at the end
  • Some plateau, not all progression 
  • Some off-road/hills each week
  • Timed route to establish progress

Week 1 (beginning 8th June) worked on the assumption I could run 9 miles at 8:30min/mile pace quite comfortably and that was the aim for Sunday’s long endurance run. Here’s what the rest of my week looked like:
(Rest day after long run with Steph on Sunday)
Reformer pilates class at Absolute Pilates, 1hr
Blast class at Lomax Gym, circuits focusing on abs
Yoga at Kew, 1 hr flow yoga
Fulham Running Club, long run to Barnes (3 bridges route) 8 miles steady
Reformer pilates class at Bootcamp Pilates
Speed session with Track Mafia, Paddington Athletics Track 
Spin class at Ride Republic, 45mins 
Parkrun, timed 5k, 20:57
Yoga with Adriene, 25min routine 
9 miles long run around Wimbledon Common (off-road, hills), 1h16 
Hot bikram yoga at Hot Spot Yoga, 90mins 
I’m going to try to give a ‘highlight of the week’ with each update, so this week my highlight was Saturday’s parkrun at Fulham Palace, not because I enjoyed the run that much or it was a particularly fast time, but because I met with Kathy afterwards and we got to know each other over coffee. We were introduced through another runner friend Steph and discovered we lived just round the corner from each other! We’re both signed up for Windsor Relays in July so it’ll be nice to catch up again over running and hopefully a sunny picnic!

My goal this week is to complete the Edinburgh 7 Hills race on Sunday, after heading home on Friday afternoon and spending Saturday at a wedding celebrating with old school friends. Hopefully there will be more cross training and plenty of yoga/stretching this week to prepare for Sunday’s race. I’ll be writing a race report letting you know how it went so check back next week for this and Week 2 of my  marathon training schedule. 


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  1. 15th June 2015 / 7:55 pm

    Aww, it was so nice meeting you Amy! Really enjoyed our coffee. Looks like you had a very solid week of training!

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