Barreworks with Lululemon

Yet another Barre studio popped onto my radar after Lululemon hosted their ultra marathon movie night and the fabulous brand gave us the opportunity to try out Barreworks in Richmond. 
On Saturday afternoon I went along to the lovely studio that is completely dedicated to barre and ballet-inspired workouts for a class led by Vicki Anstey, who opened the studio in February 2010. 
Like other barre workouts I have tried, the focus of classes at Barreworks are to build long and lean muscles and work towards perfecting a dancer-like posture. The class was a complete body workout and included both dynamic and static movements, lots of isometric holds, core strengthening exercises and stretching. We made full use of all the equipment available at the studio, from resistance bands and foot sliders to Pilates balls and free weights. The lovely wooden floor and floor-to-ceiling mirrors complement the routine and make it easy to adjust and perfect your form. 
After an intense hour I felt challenged and as if I’d found new muscles in my body I didn’t even know existed! Lululemon were kind enough to provide us all with healthy refreshments from Wholefoods as well as a goody bag! This included our very own Pilates ball and a Barreworks DVD so we could continue our barre exercises in the comfort of our own home! 
Thank you to Barreworks and Lululemon for hosting the amazing studio takeover class! I was happy to discover their classes are also on ClassPass, so I’ll definitely be back for more barre action soon! 
*Photos c/o of Barreworks and Lululemon, I was far to enthused by the class to be distracted by my camera!


  1. 8th June 2015 / 4:49 pm

    check out all the sweaty betty in the second picture!

  2. 8th June 2015 / 5:13 pm

    I was wearing my SB Pilates socks too, they're magic!

  3. 8th June 2015 / 5:13 pm

    My whole body ached the next day so it did something right! I do however now believe that every exercise class should be followed by tasty refreshments and a lovely goody bag. Thanks Barreworks and Lululemon!

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