Healthy Weekday Lunches at Work

During the week I’ve got into the routine of making a packed lunch to take to work, usually tupperware filled with salad, beans, feta and a sprinkling of seeds, with a few oatcakes or rice cakes wrapped in foil and a piece of fruit.
The canteen in my workplace is good, but they serve lunch between 12 and 2pm, and being in the lab I can’t always guarantee I’ll be able to take a break at a certain time so I like to make sure I can always eat my lunch whatever time I take it. In the last few days however, the canteen has gone through a redevelopment, a new kitchen, a new chef and a new menu. We used to be offered a daily soup and two main course choices, one being vegetarian, and there was a small salad bar for a side option with your main. Yesterday when I went up just before 12 however, I found an amazing spread of different salads laid out beautifully and was tempted to leave my packed lunch in the fridge to try them out.
Today it’s Friday, and I got an extra few minutes in bed this morning because I knew I would be trying out the salad bar! I love that the staff have changed up the menu and listened to what their customers want. I’ll definitely be making more use of it, on the occasion where I’ve left my lunch in the fridge at home/gym locker or don’t want to go out to Pret/Waitrose for a pre-packed salad or sandwich. With staff discount on all the food offered it also meets my budget, something I always look out for when buying food for lunch. You can get a small or large salad on its own, or mix and match a few of whatever you fancy for less than £3, much cheaper than those you find in the supermarkets or take-out cafes and much fresher and tastier too. 
I was also excited to see yoghurt and fruit pots stocked in the fridge, perfect for when I’m running late and need breakfast. 
Is your workplace doing its best to provide you with healthy food choices at lunchtime or are you in the tupperware crew?!

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