BarreASANA: Sweaty Betty meets Barrecore

I tried and loved my barre workout at Barrecore so when I read about barreASANA classes I jumped at the chance to give them a go. Barrecore teamed up with Sweaty Betty to launch the new addition to their class timetable and let lovers of barre and yoga get a taste of this new fitness fusion trend. 

New to Barrecore, barreASANA follows a fast-paced yoga-inspired sequence designed to tone your limbs and strengthen your core, all while enhancing your mental focus and clarity.

I went along to one of the pop-up events in Selfridges held by Barrecore’s Charlie Ballard, who took us through an hour long class.

BarreASANA incorporates the classical moves from barre and yoga and it works so perfectly because both of these disciplines share a focus of strengthening the body by working the muscles in a way that enhances length. The breath and core engagement are central to both workouts and so are key during a BarreASANA class, just like during barre and yoga.

After a warm-up focusing on mobilising the spine and opening the joints, particularly the hips, we started with a dynamic flow of sun salutations mixed with isometric work in chair, crescent and warrior two poses. There were a lot of traditional barrecore moves, drop-holds, wrap-holds and squeeze-holds, that really isolated the muscles and made them ‘burn!’ Next was a balance section including half moon and tree pose, and again challenges were added to these in true barrecore style to get the most out of each move. We finished with backbends, bridges and shoulder stands, and finally savasana to recover.

This was not a typical barre class, with more flowing movements and yoga-inspired poses, and neither was this your usual yoga class, as it was much more dynamic and muscle engaging. BarreASANA strikes the perfect balance and is great if you want to incorporate strength and flexibility into your workout routine in one.

Barrecore have added this new class to their timetables and if you can’t make it to one, try Sweaty Betty’s Get Fit 4 Free BarreASANA workout online. Give it a go and let me know what you think!


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