A Half Century with ClassPass!

How has it been less than two months and today I completed my 50th class with ClassPass?! Slightly mad! I began my ClassPass journey on the 10th March (read my overly excited first post here) and at the end of my trial month signed up for the 3 month membership at £69/month. I could’ve signed up for the next 6 months at a slightly cheaper £59/month, but the scheme is still relatively new and although I was definitely hooked I didn’t want to commit to that length of time.

In 53 days, I’ve taken 50 classes. During this short time, I’ve been back to Edinburgh for Easter and to visit Nige for the weekend, so out of the city and not using my membership. I’ve also been training for the marathon, so as well as what I now call cross-training in classes, I’ve been running, and more importantly, resting. 

I’ve visited 16 different studios, tried out 20 different types of classes and jumped on the hot yoga bandwagon for the first ever time! Just one of the benefits of ClassPass is that it allows you to look back and see what studios and classes you’ve been to in the past. A quick check-in of my recent history tells me my favourite places to hit up, which classes I’ve been loving and re-booking, what time of day I’ve been favouring my workouts and where, and even who my favourite go-to instructors are. 

One hesitation I had at the beginning of my membership was having a lack of routine, as one of the limitations of ClassPass is that you can only visit a studio three times/month. I’ve overcome this however, by booking into a studio for the same class every week, and if my time runs out, I just find a studio offering the same type of class. So now I can do reformer pilates every Monday and Thursday mornings, yoga every Tuesday and Friday evenings…you get the gist. 
Without even thinking, I know my go-to studios and classes I’ve fallen in love with. So when 12pm strikes, I’m on the site (or app) booking for the following week, no hesitation. The best thing about ClassPass has to be the variety it gives, I still have so many more studios to visit and types of classes to try out – next up, Rebel1 for a Double Shot. If you’ve given in to the hype and joined ClassPass, check out where I’m going to next by following my profile https://classpass.com/member/amy490

I don’t really have a bad thing to say about ClassPass, although I did hear on the grapevine there might be some competition…Somuchmore. A little competition brings the best out in anyone though, so I think it can only get better from here!



    • 1st May 2015 / 3:02 pm

      Thanks for the comment! I've certainly got my moneys worth and am loving trying out new studios 🙂

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