Run to the Barre!

On Saturday, Barrecore hosted their ‘Run to the Barre’ event, a 5km run and barre class combo, to celebrate the lovely sunshine we’ve been having lately. They have 6 studios across London and 4 of these hosted an event on Saturday, so I went along to the Wimbledon branch which is tucked under Sweaty Betty on the High Street on the corner of the Common.
As I headed into the beautiful Sweaty Betty Wimbledon boutique, we were greeted by the lovely SB girls, Vanessa from Barrecore who would be leading our run and barre session, and LuMa who provided us all with healthy juice and snack tasters. 
We headed out to Wimbledon common and the sun came out just in time for a little warm up stretch. Vanessa then led the way around the trails, stopping for some serious thigh burner barre moves, upper body toning using the park benches and a cardio burst along the way. It was lovely to meet some local girls and a few of them were barrecore members, all raving about the classes, and it was good to learn from Vanessa about the different types of classes Barrecore held, from core-focused to cardio. They’ve just introduced a new BarreASANA class to their timetable, which brings together yoga and barre moves, and I can’t wait to try that out soon.

After a nice leg stretch and a refreshing coconut water, the SB ladies treated us all to a goody bag in preparation for our 30 minute Barrecore taster session. Amazing goodies including super grippy socks, perfect for the barre class coming up! 

Ahead of my marathon the next day, I was a little wary of how tough the Barre class would be, but I went with it and took the low options given. It was such a good workout, particular the core section at the end, and I even learnt a new IT band stretch using the barre and band, perfect for post-run stretching.
Thank you to Vanessa for leading a great run and barre class, Sweaty Betty Wimbledon for hosting (and Happy 3rd Birthday to you!) and LuMu for letting us try their yummy juices and snacks. I’ll be hitting up another class soon using my voucher, so…see you at the Barre!

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