A Fitness MOT: Tips for your first PT session

Last week, on Good Friday, when most of the UK was in bed enjoying the first day of the four day weekend thanks to Easter bank holiday, I was on my way to Lomax gym on Fulham Road for my Fitness MOT.

I’d tried out a few of the Blast classes at Lomax thanks to my ClassPass membership and during one session, our instructor Krystina offered to give me a free Fitness MOT. Designed to set goals and determine a plan of action to achieve them, Lomax PTs take you through a workout to assess your fitness levels and create a bespoke plan for your training.

At 7am, Krystina got me on the spin bike to warm up and asked me a few questions about my current fitness, health, nutrition and routine. First and foremost, I’m a runner, and I wanted some advice on specific exercises that would compliment my running. I know from previous experience that I have weak glute muscles so was keen to learn some new ways of strengthening them up. I’m happy with my cardiovascular fitness, between running, weekly Insanity sessions and HIIT training, but strength training is something my routine lacks.

With my goals in mind, Krystina took me through 3 circuits of 3 different exercises, each for 45 seconds with a 15 second rest. I used the spin bike between circuits to keep my heart rate up and completed all of my exercises in my ‘fitness pod,’ which means no waiting around for equipment wasting time.

For glute strength, we worked on weighted lunges, box jumps, bench steps, kettlebell squats and deadlifts. Core strength is also key for good running technique so we finished with Russian twists using a medicine ball, mountain climbers and walking planks.

The hour flew by and I was a sweaty mess, collapsing into a child’s pose, at the end of the session. One-on-one training with a PT was something very new to me, I’m usually hiding in the pack during a class, but very worthwhile and I took a lot away from it. I’ll be perfecting my squat technique and adding in some weighted exercises to my routine to build strength and power for my running.

Here are some tips to make the most of your first PT session:

  • * Before you book, think about what you want to get out of the session. You might want advice to help achieve your goals, an assessment of your current training regime to suit your needs or a refresher of a specific technique or exercise.
  • * At the start of the session, be open and honest about what you want to achieve and also realistic about how you plan to do this.
  • * During the workout, push to your maximum effort, so that your trainer can see your full potential and begin to set higher targets for your own personal optimum.
  • * Take note of any specific exercises, weights or techniques your trainer shows you. It might be a good idea to remember what weight you’re using on the squat rack, or take a video of your lunge technique with your phone.
  • * After your session, write down your workout and any tips your trainer gave you. You can use this as a benchmark to track your progress and go back to if you’re ever in a workout rut.
  • * Plan how you can make the most of your one-on-one session in your own time. Implement some of the advice from your PT into your upcoming workouts and make them part of your routine.

All photos c/o Lomax, the perfect gym/studio and you can book a FREE Fitness MOT.
Let me know if you have regular PT sessions and how beneficial you think they are.
Any other top glute exercises I should be trying?


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